We monitor and maintain Florida homes and condos for absentee homeowners. By physically checking on your home weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we ensure it’s well maintained and secure until your return.

Sometimes we work direct with realtors, property management firms and homeowner associations. But most of the time we assist condo owners and homeowners who live here seasonally. We’re delighted either way.

Personal Service

It’s about peace of mind. And we offer plenty of it. We not only watch your home, we can also prepare your home for your return and take care of cleaning and securing it when you leave.

Why use a house watch service?


  • No burden on neighbors, friends or family members
  • Save energy by monitoring air conditioning
  • Lengthen lifespan of appliances and home fixtures through maintenance
  • Secure home against storms and any undesirables
  • Reduce chance of major damage through routine inspections
  • Overall peace of mind that your home is in the trusted hands of local professionals