Our Services

Basic Home Monitoring Service
  • Examine all doors, windows, and sliders to insure they are locked and secure, check for any signs of forced entry
  • Pick up mail, flyers, and newspapers and bring inside as to not make the residence look unoccupied
  • Ensure exterior lights are working
  • Check for mold and mildew on home, lanai and roof tiles
  • Walk grounds and perimeter for any issues
  • Landscape monitoring
  • Pool, spa, and equipment monitoring
  • Visually check to see if Air Conditioning equipment is working properly


  • Examine all doors, windows, and sliders to insure they are locked and secure, check for any signs of forced entry
  • Ensure security system is functioning properly
  • Randomly open and close blinds and drapes
  • Ensure Air Conditioning and humistat are set properly and functioning
  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation
  • Visually check windows, skylights, walls, ceilings, toilets, under sinks, and around hot water heater for signs of water leaks and mildew
  • Check electrical panel for tripped breakers, reset if necessary
  • Run faucets, showers, and garbage disposals to prevent gaskets and seals from drying out.
  • Flush toilets to remove stagnant water from the lines
  • Verify refrigerator and freezer are working properly
  • Operate dishwasher and washing machine monthly to prevent seals from drying out
  • Test smoke detectors
  • Check Air Filters monthly


Homes under 2,300 Sq ft
Weekly Home Visits – $25 per visit
Bi-Weekly Home Visits-$30 per visit
Monthly Home Visits – $35 per visit
Additional $15.00 per three thousand Sq ft


Additional Services by Request
Additional services billed at $30.00 first hour and $20.00 each additional hour


Opening for Arrival $50.00
Turn on hot water heaters, reset air conditioner to specified setting, Plug in appliances and electronics, set clocks on stove and microwave, Turn on icemaker, flush toilets, run faucets, lightly frebreze fabrics and carpets, turn on an outside light, run dishwasher on short cycle.


Closing after Departure $50.00
Turn off hot water heater, unplug specified electronics and appliances, set air conditioner to away setting, remove spoilable items, turn off icemaker and dispose of ice, make sure garbage and recycling is put out, place baking soda in the refrigerator, place bleach in toilet bowls, make sure doors and windows are secure.


Contractor Supervision $30.00 first hour and $20.00 each additional hour
Coordinate or monitor repairs and services, open house for contractors and delivery personnel, close and secure home when finished.


Pre-storm Inspection and Preparation
Secure outside items, bring in patio furniture, put up hurricane shutters


Post Storm Assessment and Clean-up
Includes full photo report


Meet Guest, Family Members, Friends
$30.00 First hour $20.00 each additional hour


Concierge Services


Pet Sitting

$25.00 per visit “Includes First HourAll Visits Include Feeding Walking and Play Time”

$20.00 Multi-day rate “Includes All of the Above” ….$10.00 each additional half hour “


Auto Care

Start vehicle, visually check under vehicle for leaks, move to prevent flat spots on tires…..$15.00

Take vehicle to the Car wash $30.00 plus cost of wash

Boat Detailing and Start Up Services
Additional $10.00 per month, Includes Engine Start/Flush/Lift Check
Detailing $10.00 per foot


Take in or out lanai furniture
$30.00 First hour $20.00 each additional hour


Watering inside and lanai plants
$30.00 First hour $20.00 each additional hour


Purchase Groceries
$30.00 per hour plus cost of groceries


Airport Pick-up or Drop-off (Fort Myers)


House Cleaning
$45.00 per hour for three team members


Pressure wash (lanai /driveway) Provided by us……$30.00 First hour $20.00 each additional hour


Handyman Services Provided by us …..$35.00 first hour $25.00 per additional hour plus materials


Emergency Visit….$50.00


Install and Remove Storm Panels….$35.00 per hour


Mail Forwarding$10.00 plus postage per month